Tipping Rules

Entering tips:

To enter your tips each week, head to this link, click on the button ENTER next to the TIPPING COMPETITION and start your game. Click on the name of the team you predict will win each match. Enter the point differential at the bottom of the page and then hit the save button.


Tippers will receive 1 point for every match, for which they correctly predict the winner. Those who correctly predict the winner of every match in a round will receive an additional 3 bonus points.

Weekly tiebreaker:

In the event of a tie between the top tippers each round, the margin predictions will be taken into account. Every round’s tiebreaker will be the point differential for a selected game. This tiebreaker will only affect those tippers who are tied for first place for that particular round.


To check the weekly rank click here and select the week you are interested in.
To check the total rank, select from the drop down “All Weeks”.